Desert Pines Equine offers stallion services to replace natural cover with artificial
insemination. The stallion is collected on site in a controlled environment by our
trained staff members. The semen is evaluated, processed according to it’s
quality, packaged, cooled and shipped to the desired location.

We offer the following services to meet your breeding program’s needs:

• Breeding Soundness Exams
• Stallion Collection
• Training the Stallion to Collect
• Semen Evaluation
• Semen Processing for Breeding or Shipment
• Cooled Semen Shipment
• Courier Service to Airport for Airline Shipping, if needed

After evaluating your stallion, a collection program will be put together to
meet your goals, as well as helping your stallion meet his
full breeding potential.

Please call or email Desert Pines Equine Center if you are interested
or need further information.

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