What do you need to breed a mare with the help of Desert Pines Equine Center?

You will need to choose a healthy mare and stallion.

You will need the following for artificial insemination:

• Shipped Semen Contract
• Stallion Contact Information for our veterinarian to order semen
• Registration names and numbers of Stallion and Mare for registered breeds
• Collection days of Stallion
• Previous reproduction history of mare, previous breeding history, and number of live foals.
• Pre Breeding exam early spring

How do I prepare my mare for breeding?

Make sure your mare is in good health and is up to date on vaccines and her yearly float prior to breeding. Your veterinarian will evaluate her health at the time of the Pre Breeding exam.

Do I need to put my mare under lights to start her cycling in the fall?

If you are interested in cycling and breeding your mare in early spring, lights are an option. The process is not necessary until December first. Lights are not recommended prior to this, as their bodies need to shut down in the fall. The idea is to extend your daylight hours. The mare will need to be closed in as the sun goes down with enough artificial light to allow you to easily read newsprint in the stall. A timer can be set to shut off later when she has received 14-16 hours total light from sun rise.

Will my mare carry the embryo or will a surrogate mare?

Here are some pros to Embryo Transfer:

• The mare can still be ridden and shown
• Multiple foals per breeding season from the same mare are possible
• No risk to the donor mare in carrying and foaling

The breeding procedure is the same for embryo transfers as it is if she is carrying a foal.

So you’ve picked out a mare and stallion, you have a breeding contract for shipped semen, and your mare is in heat.
Now what?

The rest is up to a Desert Pines Equine Veterinarian.

1. The doctor has determined that your mare is in heat and should ovulate within the next few days.
2. Your mare will stay at our facility for the duration of the breeding cycle until she ovulates.
3. The veterinarian orders the semen and it is usually shipped the next morning via Fed Ex overnight,
or in some cases same day flights to our clinic.
4. Semen is received at our clinic and the mare is bred.
5. After ovulating, the mare is ready to be picked up.

When do I find out if my mare is pregnant?

Fourteen days after breeding and ovulating is the typical time to first Ultrasound your mare for pregnancy for a few reasons:

• The pregnancy can be readily seen on ultrasound.
• This is the optimal time to determine a twin pregnancy.
• If your mare is not pregnant, the veterinarian can plan for a second cycle breeding.



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