Eye Injury and Disease

Immediate, professional care could save your horse’s vision.

As part of DPEC continuing to offer our patients the most progressive veterinary medicine, Dr. William Weinstein, DVM, MS, DACVO, a specialist from the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, is available to examine and treat advanced equine ocular disease or injury as part of our veterinary team.

Dr. Weinstein performs equine ophthalmic exams and medical and surgical treatments of (but not limited to) corneal ulcerations, corneal infections, and inflammatory diseases here at DPEC. Surgical procedures he performs include laser therapy for glaucoma, eye tumor debunking, corneal and conjunctival grafts and cataract surgery.

Remember, the eye is a very sensitive and fragile part of your horse’s body. It can be a tremendous source of pain and discomfort when injured or affected by disease.

When dealing with a potential problem with your horse’s eye:

  • Do not wait to seek veterinary attention if your horse’s eye is tearing, red, swollen, squinting, has a cloudy appearance, or incurred an injury of the eyelid.
  • Do not apply any medication to an eye that was not prescribed to do so.
  • Call us right away!



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