More and more people are becoming aware of how oral and dental health in the horse will affect the horse's health, well-being and performance. No living being can survive without nutrition, and for herbivores it is vital to be able to chew their feed properly before digesting.

Demanding maximum performance from our sport horses-requires an efficient digestive system and metabolism. Being able to chew the food properly is essential for the horse to get the most out of food.

It is a common misunderstanding that the horse's teeth grow all of the horse's life like the teeth of rodents. The horse’s tooth has a maximum length at age 4-5, most of it is embedded in the jaws, and will erupt through the gums until all of the reserve crown has been "used up."

Taking good care of our horse's teeth is essential to make them last as long as possible and prevent unnecessary problems in our older horses.

When doing floats in the field, the owner must have electricity my means of an extension cord or outlet next to a suitable place to hang the horse’s head, as shown.
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